Dogging: A Love Story (18)

Simon Ellis (108 mins), starring Luke Treadaway, Richard Riddell, Kate Heppell, Michael Socha
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"Fancy a ride?" is this film's unsubtle but unarguable tagline.

Luke Treadaway plays a lackadaisical would-be journalist who hits on the story of a social-networking phenomenon in the North-east: sex in car parks, with a free-to-view for complete strangers – otherwise known as dogging. His professional interest is soon revealed to have a more personal angle, as his pretended expertise allows him to develop a chatroom relationship with "Horny Geordie Lass". The plotting of Simon Ellis's film is inept beyond explanation, and its picture of the dogging "community" a mere exercise in unrigorous voyeurism. But there's a wild card by the name of Richard Riddell, playing an estate agent whose lascivious personality and sociopathic driving (school of Foxton's?) are so cheerfully unbridled as to be a source of horrible fascination.