DVD: A boy called Dad, Brian Percival, (15)

DVD/Blu-ray (80mins)
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Brian Percival's gloomy British coming-of-age drama is enhanced by an exceptional turn by Kyle Ward. He plays Robbie, who, at 14, has just become a dad. However, the mum has barred him from seeing his newborn son.

Robbie, roaming through his shabby Wirral town, inadvertently bumps into his long-absent and feckless dad (Ian Hart) and they bond – by visiting a family grave, stealing food from a chippy and driving recklessly across a football pitch. The opening half-an-hour promises a lot, with Hart and Ward's low-key relationship beautifully judged. But this swiftly and awkwardly descends into melodrama and Hart is foolishly sidelined from the action.