DVD: Couples Retreat (15)

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Come in Vince Vaughn, your time is up. The poker-faced funny-man co-wrote, along with Jon Favreau (the pair have fallen a long way since their sparkling Swingers), this dismal concoction.

Four tedious couples – Vaughn, Favreau and the lamentable Kristin Davis among them – travel to a tropical paradise (billed as "Hollywood for adults") for sun fun, but end up being cajoled into relationship therapy. Ten minutes in and there's no hint of a laugh; 20 minutes in and there's no hope of one. This deeply cynical (it includes a gross and lengthy plug for a computer game) and mirth-free caper has nothing to recommend it. In fact, it looks like an excuse for Vaughn and Favreau to have a sunny jolly. Lousy.