DVD: Love happens (12)

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You wait, with searing dread, for the most egregious romantic "comedy" ever to come along, and there's a smidgen of relief when it finally arrives.

Love Happens: This is it. Aaron Eckhart plays bereavement guru Burke, who has written the smug self-help book A-Okay and runs seminars for sad folk, imparting such pearls as "If you don't pay the piper he will come calling". But really it's Burke that's, like, you know, sad – in a colon, open bracket sort of way – because his wife died in a car accident. Luckily for him Jennifer's Aniston's sluggish looking flower arranger is on hand to save him. There's zilch chemistry between the lethargic leads, the script and plot are crass and incompetent and it also makes Martin Sheen (the US president, no less) look like an idiot.