DVD: Perrier's Bounty (15)

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Two thugs scrunch pistachio nuts in front of Cillian Murphy's petrified low-life, Michael.

It's a menacing, mildly eccentric opening scene, and the best moment in this messy, profanity-riddled crime comedy. Michael owes a grand to a deranged gangster (Brendan Gleeson) and embarks on a frantic search for the cash through Dublin's underworld. Along the way he bumps into his "dying" father (Jim Broadbent) and placates a heart-broken Brenda (Jodie Whittaker). After slaying a heavy, the odd trio go on the run. Broadbent is droll with some good lines ("Father and son in mutual toil") and the caper has bundles of energy, but it's not terribly original.