DVD review: Unmade Beds (15)

Alexis Dos Santos (DVD, 93 mins)
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Unmade Beds, written, perhaps, as a calculated attempt to make the average Londoner feel painfully dull and unattractive, tells the story of a group of the capital’s economically unhindered hipster underclass and the relatively meagre trials that cloud their lives.

Centring on Axl, a young Spaniard in search of his English father, and Vera, a heartbroken Belgian émigré, the action swings between squats and nightclubs to an electro soundtrack which is the film’s only highpoint. Written and directed by the young Argentinian director Alexis Dos Santos, it creates an impression of immigrant life in the capital which is as dangerously inaccurate as it is enticing. As the characters breeze around in a whirlwind of sex and booze, it’s an indulgent trip into an East End fantasy land filmed with all the hipper-than-thou exuberance of the average Vice photoshoot.