DVD: Star Trek (12)

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James T Kirk hotwires cars and gets into bar brawls; Spock loses his cool and tries to strangle Kirk to death.

J J Abrams' rollicking take on Star Trek is the most enjoyable since the original 1960s series, foregoing the earnest drivel about "directives" of the latter incarnations. The sci-fi drama chronicles the early years in the life of Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), Bones, Uhura et al, all young, brash cadets at Starfleet Academy. The baddie of the piece, Nero (Eric Bana), a deranged Romulan, is secondary to the animosity/love between young Spock and Kirk, with Bones whining in the middle – "Well congratulations Jim. We've got no Captain and no god damned first officer to replace him." Huge fun and breathtaking action.