How to Train Your Dragon (PG)

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We knew dragons could fly – but Vikings as their pilots? DreamWorks' latest digimation is a rollicking and amiable coming-of-age story set in a Viking fishing village where all the locals mysteriously talk in Scottish accents.

All bar young Hiccup who (voiced by Jay Baruchel) sounds like a New York standup comic, and continually disappoints his warrior-king father Stoick (Gerard Butler). One day the feckless youth chances to shoot down a fabled black dragon, Night Wing, which turns out less fearsome than reputation suggested. Hiccup secretly befriends the creature, naming it "Toothless" and saddling it up for aerial jaunts, all shot in vertiginous 3-D. Will he persuade his bellicose father that humankind and dragons could, you know, just get along? Swooping visuals and knockabout comedy blend in a family entertainment that should be the Easter weekend treat.