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Easy-going high-school comedy about angry young women taking revenge on the school heartthrob ("Somewhere between an Abercrombie model and a Greek god") who's been stringing them all along. Enter allegedly plain and uninteresting new girl Kate (Brittany Snow, actually a blonde, blue-eyed little Jennifer Aniston), ready to be transformed into man-bait.

The pitch - First Wives Club meets Heathers - is decent, the leads are amiable, it moves along jauntily and there are a couple of decent running gags, so it's by no means a penance to sit through. But Thomas (The Brady Bunch Movie, Doctor Dolittle) and Jeff Lowell, her screenwriter, have a shaky grasp of logic, both plot- and morality-wise, and their apparent belief in the power of the food fight to plug any gaps is wide of the mark.