Obsessed (12A)

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Bunny boilers ahoy. This lame and laughable stalker-thriller makes Fatal Attraction look thoughtful.

Idris Elba plays an alpha-male LA exec who, despite the wife and kid and perfect marital home, becomes the object of devoted attention to a new office temp (Ali Larter). As soon as she says, "I think you'll find I'm not your typical temp," he ought to have called security, but the man's a fool – does he not even spot Larter's disconcerting resemblance to Heather Mills? Mind you, Beyoncé Knowles as his wronged wife is pretty scary, too, glaring like Medusa and coming on like Tyson for the climactic cat-fight: "I'm gonna wipe the floor with yo' skinny ass!" I think she's taking empowerment a bit too far.