Some Guy Who Kills People, Jack Perez, 94mins (15)

Starring: Kevin Corrigan, Lucy Davis

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Jack Perez's slasher comedy brings honour to the name of B-movies.

Kevin Corrigan is touching as small-town loner Ken, a comic-book nerd back living with his mom (Karen Black) after time away in the "loony bin"; a savage beating by some local jocks caused him a breakdown.

Now those jocks are being horribly slaughtered one by one, and the sheriff (Barry Bostwick) thinks he might know the perpetrator.

The support cast, including Lucy Davis (The Office) as Ken's admirer and Ariel Gade as his estranged daughter, lend enormous warmth to proceedings, though it's Ryan A Levin's droll script that really sets it apart.

When Ken's mother compliments him on the dinner he's cooked, he looks surprised and chuffed. "Was it good?" His mother looks at him: "Don't make me tell the same lie twice, Ken." This is a winner.