Tangled (PG)

Voices of: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi
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The long-tressed heroine is a rather bland and Valley Girlish, her handsome rescuer is a thieving fop, and the wicked stepmother who's kidnapped Rapunzel and imprisoned her in the tower looks quite a lot like Cher.

The songs are no great shakes, either, apart from the creepy-funny ode to self-interest, "Mother Knows Best". But there's a nifty little chameleon and a resentful horse to provide some chuckles. In truth, Tangled strikes an unsettling note: on learning the plight of a young girl abducted from her home and kept in isolation by an adult for 18 years, did you think of a well-loved fairytale – or of recent news stories from the dungeons of Europe?