The Resident (15)

Starring: Hilary Swank, Christopher Lee
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It comes from Hammer, and features Christopher Lee on the cast list, but this psychological thriller honours neither the studio's Gothic tradition nor the pointy-toothed legend himself.

Directed by one Antti J Jokinen – he'll never be allowed to make a comedy – it stars Hilary Swank as an ER surgeon who rents a commodious Brooklyn apartment, but doesn't question its suspiciously cheap price. She is befriended by the hunky landlord (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his ailing grandfather (Lee), but soon discovers that something creepy is afoot: who's the peeping tom watching her at bath-time, and why does she feel so drowsy of a morning? Morgan and Swank starred together previously in the non-com PS I Love You, so in that respect alone this marks an improvement. The director likens his film to Polanski's The Tenant – he must be Jokinen – but his feel for suspense is nil and his drooling over Swank's half-clad body is frankly lascivious.