'The Social Network' takes over MySpace

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One of the unique ways the movie studio is promoting The Social Network, the film that portrays the founding of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg, is to reach out to Facebook rival MySpace.

MySpace, which pioneered social networking sites, has developed a new type of HD advertising on its homepage as of Wednesday. It launched with The Social Network, which shows the trailer expanding to take over the homepage. The ads also allow users to check out the soundtrack and click onto the film's website without leaving MySpace.

It "combines the reach of a takeover, the real estate of a home page skin, and the content of a microsite," said Nada Stirratt, MySpace's chief revenue officer in a statement.

Since the film's depiction of Facebook's co-founder has been described as unflattering, it is not surprising to advertise on its competitor. Zuckerberg has dismissed the film as a work of fiction, and claimed he has no plans to see it, according to the website /Film.com. Information about the film can also be found on a MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/everything/the-social-network.

One of the "400 Richest People in America" and worth $6.9 billion, according to Forbes magazine, Zuckerberg is scheduled to announce he will donate $100 million to the US state of New Jersey to help its budgetary problems, particularly for schools, according to The New York Times.

The film screened at Harvard University Wednesday with the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, lead actor Jesse Eisenberg and other cast members participating in a Q&A session. A discussion about the portrayal of the school's social scene was criticized by students as stereotypical, reported The Harvard Crimson newpaper.

The film, directed by David Fincher ( The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), also stars Andrew Garfield (the new Spider-Man) and Rooney Mara (the lead for the American remake of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).

The Social Network officially premieres at the New York Film Festival opening night, September 24, and hits theaters October 1.