Trailers: Titans clash and Robin Hood crusades

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This spring, films present epic battles and mortal combat of mythic proportions, from Greece to England and across centuries.

Clash of the Titans
This fantasy action film stars Avatar's Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes, with the mortal son of the god Zeus embarking on an adventurous journey to save the world from the evil underworld. Retro-fit in 3D after it was completed, the perilous confrontations with giant monsters are made to seem even bigger. Coming March 26.


Robin Hood
Russell Crowe stars in this rousing update of the Robin Hood legend, teaming up with director Ridley Scott ( Gladiator) again for a 13th century battle of not-so-merry men. This new trailer shows the warrior from the army of Richard Coeur de Lion against the Norman invaders. And there's romance with Cate Blanchett who gives Maid Marian a new image of slinging arrows and swinging broadsword. It will be released May 14.