Landmarks: The Mound Stand, Lord's

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Currently one of my favourite buildings is the Mound Stand at Lord's Cricket Ground, designed by Michael Hopkins and Partners. For me it is reminiscent of long hot summer afternoons, of tents and guy-ropes and the enjoyment of a good game of cricket. The stand can be seen in three layers: the very strong base of brick arches, the middle section made of glass block and metal, and the top layer with its much lighter tent-like structure over the promenade deck.

The arches at the base provide a curved corridor below the seating area. They've become part of the street scene, drawing pedestrians in - it's almost like walking along the base of the Colosseum in Rome.

The middle section is mostly made up of hospitality boxes with the seating sloping down below them. Then, high up on the third level, you have the promenade deck which really makes you feel you are in a tent. A series of sweeping pavilions rise up to six masts, held in place by metal guy-ropes. It gives a large open space for people to sit at tables, with a good milling space and a bar - an important part of cricket on a summer afternoon.

The stand reminds me of a Knights Templar tent with the flag at the top; or of being on board a ship where you have large cables angling down and bowsprits coming horizontally. Other elements are of a bygone era, recalling an Edwardian cricket party. There's a tremendous aura of tradition around Lord's and somehow this building speaks of that.

Anthony Furlong is a partner with Sheppard Robson, Camden Town, London NW1

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