Letter: Kubrick's pies

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Sir: In his admirable obituary of Stanley Kubrick (9 March), James Kirkup refers to "Terry Southern's Dr Strangelove". It is true that Terry is credited with writing the script, but to my knowledge, both Kubrick himself and Peter George, author of Red Alert, the novel that was the original source of the film, made significant contributions.

As the publisher of Red Alert in 1963, I made several journeys to Shepperton to meet Stanley. While at Shepperton, and waiting outside the huge stage that formed the war-room for a "take" to be completed, I was chatting to the actor Peter Bull, when we both noticed a pile of crates containing custard-pies, destined for the famous throwing scene in the movie. Each of the crates was personally addressed to Stanley Kubrick and the purveyor was none other than Fortnum and Mason. Could it have been anyone else?


Former Editorial Director, Corgi Books

London W13