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THE NEWSPAPER Leeds Student, run by students at Leeds University and Leeds Metropolitan University, has won the best newspaper award in the first National Student Journalism Awards to be organised by The Independent and the National Union of Students.

The prize was awarded at a ceremony that was held in London on Saturday night when broadcaster and Independent columnist, David Aaronovitch, handed out the awards to the Leeds students.

The results

Best student newspaper: Leeds Student. (Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan Universities); runner-up: Cherwell (Oxford).

Best student magazine: The Pulse (Sussex); runner-up: The Word (Oxford).

Best small-budget publication: The Saint (St Andrews); runner-up: The Pulse (Sussex).

Best student website: Sheffield Electronic Press (Sheffield University).

Best student reporter: John Hopkins (The Saint, St Andrews); runner-up: Anja Beachmann (Scratch, South Bank University).

Best student campaign: Tim Nash (Gair Rhydd, Cardiff University); runner- up: James Jordan (The Courier, Newcastle University).

Best student photographer: Ed Alcock (Queen Mary and Westfield College); runner-up: David Cross (Manchester Metropolitan University).

Best student feature writer: Tim Dewhurst (Westworld, University of the West of England); runner-up: James McCarthy (Leeds Student, Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan Universities).

Best student sports journalist: Daniel Rookwood (Varsity, Cambridge University); runner-up: Roy Delaney (Westworld, University of the West of England).

Best student arts journalist: Jonathan Stubbs (Warwick Boar, Warwick University); runner-up: Tim Robey (Cherwell, Oxford University).

Best student designer: Joanna Roach (Scratch, South Bank University); runner-up: Simon Griffin and Dean Langley (Shout, Liverpool John Moores University).