Leonard Cohen to release new album, Popular Problems, after 80th birthday next month

The venerable musician is expected to unveil a new album in September

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Leonard Cohen will celebrate his 80th birthday next month with the release of a new album, entitled Popular Problems.

While a spokesperson for the musician could not be reached, the news was announced at the Leonard Cohen Event 2014 in Dublin – an official fan convention.

Amazon France listed the release date as 22 September, following the singer’s 80th birthday on 21 September.

“Leonard has worked hard on his next studio album of entirely new songs,” read a foreword to the event booklet written by Jarkko Arjatsalo, who runs Cohen's official website.

“He asked me to let you know that Popular Problems will be out at the end of September, shortly after his 80th birthday.”

Arjatsalo told Rolling Stone that he had received the news “directly from Leonard”, although clarified that there will be no accompanying tour.

Cohen released his last album, Old Ideas, in 2012.