Calais migrant crisis forces X Factor band Only the Young to delay first single release by a week

Copies of the pop quartet's debut have been 'stuck on a lorry for days'

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Only the Young's debut single release has been pushed back a week after the CDs got caught up in the Calais migrant crisis.

The X Factor band was set to drop their new track "I Do" on Friday 31 July but were unable to do so due to long delays crossing the Channel.

Group member Parisa Tarjomani told Newsbeat: "Due to all the stuff happening on Calais our CDs actually got stuck. Our management called us at ridiculous o'clock at night and they were like 'So guys the song was supposed to come out in two days but it's been put back.'"

Migrants have been attempting to cross the channel at night for the past few weeks, leading to protests and nine known deaths.


Tarjomani explained that Only the Young's physical copies had been "stuck on a lorry for two or three days" and they didn't want to do a digital release as not all fans would be able to access it.

"I Do" is expected to finally hit shelves on 7 August.