Concerned fans call for Ke$ha to be given more creative freedom

Online petition with 1,300 signatures suggests producer Dr Luke should stop producing hit singles for the star

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Fans of Ke$ha have signed an online petition calling for the singer to be given creative freedom, claiming she is being controlled "like a puppet" and not being allowed to express herself.

The petition, which has attracted more than 1,300 signatures, claims that producer Dr Luke is responsible for the star’s creative malaise.

Dr Luke – whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald – produced Ke$ha’s hit singles "Tik Tok" and UK number one "We R Who We R".

The producer is responsible for some of the biggest hit songs over the past few years. He had a hand in Katy Perry’s "Teenage Dream" and Miley Cyrus’s current US number one "Wrecking Ball".

The petition says: "It's no surprise that Ke$ha's craft of storytelling through music moves fans around the world.

"I don't think Ke$ha can make it any clearer that she wants the world to hear her music and not the pop factory's unauthentic [sic], soulless babble she is forced to call hers."

However, a recent interview with Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne seemed to suggest the star was in fact being given the chance to make more experimental songs.

Coyne told Billboard the pair were making "weirdo music", adding: "I see a side of her that doesn't want to worry about marketing - that doesn't want to worry about the things that go into her being a pop star - and just make music."