'I'd rather appear on Loose Women' - Liam Gallagher makes X Factor U-turn


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Liam Gallagher says he has had a change of heart after pledging to perform on The X Factor.

The Beady Eye singer says he would prefer to appear on ITV chat show Loose Women instead of the talent contest.

Gallagher - who had previously called the pop show "annoying" - revealed he had backtracked on a slot for the programme during an interview to be broadcast by Absolute Radio.

Asked whether he was planning to perform, said: "We're not confirmed for it. No, no, no - we were just messing about. Try to give them some ratings.

He went on: "We've changed our mind now. No, Loose Women it is instead."

Gallagher's brother and former Oasis bandmate Noel has previously been approached to be a judge on The X Factor but turned it down, and Liam has now said he has no interest in joining the panel.

"No, I don't fancy judging anyone," he said in the interview, recorded before an acoustic gig at Abbey Road Studios which is being broadcast tomorrow.

Gallagher also talked about a confrontation with actor Idris Elba after The Wire star ruffled his hair at the NME Awards earlier this year.

"He messed my hair up, so I pulled his hat off and booted it across the room and that's it."

Gallagher went on: "I didn't know who he was. I still don't know who he is - you don't touch a man's haircut man. Especially if you've got a red bobbly hat on."

The frontman, a Manchester City fan, also told how he was sad to see manager Roberto Mancini sacked.

"This time last year, we were champions and now the guy's been sacked. It's just insane man, the world's gone mad."

He joked that he and Mancini had a lot in common: "Oh yeah, smooth, suave, can't speak English."

The Beady Eye gig is being broadcast at 9pm tomorrow during the Pete Donaldson show on Absolute Radio.