Kanye West and John Legend perform early version of Gold Digger in 2003 show

The performance came a year before the release of his debut album 'College Dropout'

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In 2005, Kanye West’s smash "Gold Digger" went global.

Going platinum in three countries, it was one of the biggest tunes of the year.

But according to recently released footage, work on the song began well before that.

In a video filmed in 2003 and uploaded on YouTube on Sunday, a slightly less slick West is seen rapping the song that would later become "Gold Digger". The performance, which apparently took place at the second annual Producer Conference in New York, includes some of the song’s most memorable lyrics.Dressed in a red cap, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup t-shirt and rucksack, West looks a shade of the fashion loving would-be designer he is today.

And if that was not enough, instead of Jamie Foxx delivering the backing vocals, the performance sees a younger John Legend providing the musical accompaniment and original chorus.

The newly emerged performance came nearly a year before West gained notoriety with his debut album College Dropout, 11 years before he married Kim Kardashian and 12 years before he was filmed bouncing up, chanting "Yeezus" on top of a table in the O2's Nandos.