Katy Perry's Dark Horse sang in 20 different styles from NSYNC to Type O Negative


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YouTuber Anthony Vincent has lent his impressive voice to a cover of Katy Perry's "Dark Horse", delivering it in 10-second bursts in the style of Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Slipknot, Boyz II Men and more.

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As the craze of reimagining popular songs if they were from different eras and genres comes to an end, a new one seeing them covered as if by different artists begins.

The first in a series of Ten Second Songs, Vincent's video runs the musical gamut, with him taking on boybands, metal bands, rappers and swing legends.

Type O Negative is a particular highlight - surely the first time a Katy Perry song has been reworked as doom metal.

"I wish i had 1/10th of his vocal talent. Amazing!" one viewer commented, with another adding: "I'm extremely surprised he can sound so different. Not just the style, but the tone of his voice changes too."

"All music was produced and recorded in house," Vincent wrote alongside the video. "None of the official recording was used."

"Dark Horse" has been another huge hit for Katy Perry, with its music video clocking up more than 120 million views and counting.

But the video caused offence among some Muslims, who claimed a scene in which an Islamic necklace was burned by a lightning shot from Perry's fingers was 'blasphemous.

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