Lady Gaga to perform live in outer space

The US pop star will sing a track at zero gravity for a music festival in 2015

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Lady Gaga is to boldly go where no pop star has gone before.

Taking her reputation from the sublime to the astronomic, she will become the first pop artist to blast out of earth and perform live in space.

The 27-year-old has confirmed she will be part of the three day hi-tech music festival Zero G Colony, set to take place in New Mexico’s Spaceport America in 2015.

Gaga will rocket into the universe aboard a Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two and sing a track once zero gravity is reached.

Far from a simple feat, the larger-than-life US pop star will undergo a month of vocal training to prepare for the atmosphere and weightlessness in space.

Gaga has reportedly taken out a “ridiculous” life insurance policy, with the stunt tipped to be “like nothing the world has seen before”.

But she is not the only singer preparing for a trip into space, as English soprano Sarah Brightman is also destined for the black abyss in 2015.

Brightman will be travelling with Russian cosmonauts on a 10 day journey on board the International Space Station, where she plans to record a song.