Grammys 2016: Watch Adele's performance of 'All I Ask' with a Kendrick Lamar shout-out

'Real recognises real.'

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While Grammy performances have become increasingly bombastic in recent years, Adele kept it simple tonight - just her, a spotlight and a piano.

Many expected her to belt out 'Hello', but it was more recent single 'All I Ask' she opted for, predictably nailing it despite a few technical issues (the sound briefly dropped out).

Upon finishing the song, she shouted out: "I love you, Kendrick! You're amazing!", a reference to the rapper's show-stopping performance that proceeded hers.

Lamar performed in chains surrounded by jail cells, delivering a free jazz thunderstorm of a medley that included the tracks 'Alright' and 'The Blacker the Berry'.

He's up for 11 awards at the ceremony and is already doing great - keep up with the full list of winners here.