Zayn Malik would consider One Direction reunion 'if the time is right'

The singer also confirmed the release of his first solo single, 'Pillowtalk'.

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Zayn Malik has professed he would consider a One Direction reunion if the circumstances were right. 

"I don't know," the singer told The Sunday Times. "If the time was right and that was the thing to do, then I would make that decision when it came around."

He went on to reassure fans that he had "no beef" with the rest of 1D; though he'd previously spoken of his general disillusionment with his time in the band, "I genuinely enjoyed [the band] and did whatever I could to be myself within that, but it’s just not where I sit as a musician. The other boys’ taste was generally indie rock. It’s good music, but I don’t f*ck with it. That was never cool where I was from."

Ten months have now passed since Malik's departure from One Direction, with him currently prepping the release of his first solo single 'Pillowtalk', set for release Friday 29 January. Released under RCA records and reportedly produced by Malay, whose previous work includes Frank Ocean's Channel Orange, the song promises to complete his full transition away from those innocent boyband days; it's a track described by Malik himself as dealing with "dirty and raw" sex. 

“Everybody has sex, and it’s something people want to hear about,” he said. “It’s part of everybody’s life, a very big part of life! And you don’t want to sweep it under the carpet. It has to be talked about.”