Britain's Got Talent contestent Cally 'The Wonderdog' sets new World Record

She managed to pop 100 balloons in under 42 seconds

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What a week for Britain. We may have lost at Eurovision, we may be up in arms about our EU membership, but one thing we now know is we are the best in the world at training dogs to pop balloons.

Yes, that illustrious Guinness World Record for popping a hundred balloons really, really quickly was  taken last night by Cally ‘The Wonderdog’ during the semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent.

She managed a record time of 41.67 seconds, beating the previous champion Anastasia, a US dog, by a remarkable 3.23 seconds, her time being 44.9 seconds.

As with all great occasions, a Guinness World Record representative was on hand to decide if the attempt was legitimate or not - which of course it was – and presented Cally and her owner Owen Mitch with a giant metal belt, reminiscent of one WWE champions are given.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, then get ready for some unprecedented news. According to Radio Times, Simon Cowell has revealed that if Cally does make the final, then we could be seeing Anastasia’s daughter coming over to the UK to challenge the current record holder in the balloon-popping competition of the century.

This is serious Mayweather vs Pacquia stuff. Expect betting companies to have their odds out as soon as Cally makes it through to the final.

The odds may be against The Wonderdog though as in her original audition Cally failed to break the record. Thankfully, judges put her through to the semi-finals anyway to see if underneath that fur there was a real record holder.

It's an exciting time to be alive.