David Attenborough’s Planet Earth 2 trailer: Watch breathtaking footage from the new series

The BBC's acclaimed nature documentary returns an entire decade after it first debuted on screens 

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Time to kick in with the epic slow-mo and Sigur Rós soundtrack, David Attenborough's Planet Earth is officially back.

The BBC has released a trailer for Planet Earth II, which sees Sir Attenborough's return as narrator for six new episodes of the series, each focused on a different biome or habitat on Earth; with one episode focused entirely on animals living in urban environments. 

The original Planet Earth first debuted an entire decade ago; taking five years to produce in its entirety, marking the most expensive nature documentary ever commissioned by the BBC and the first to be filmed in high definition. 

Planet Earth II was filmed over four years, across the globe in over 64 different countries; taking advantage in the latest technology to deliver ultra-HD footage of nature at its purest and most untamed. 

Techniques such as the latest in camera stabilisation, remote recording and aerial drone technology has allowed viewers to get closer to the animals than ever before, as witnessed by this first trailer's stunning close-ups of birds, bugs, and mammals; including a spectacular lioness attack on a fleeing giraffe, and a monkey pinching a city-dweller's drink. 

Planet Earth II will air on BBC One in November.