David Attenborough's Planet Earth might be getting sent into space

'I can't think of a better representation of life of this planet'

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A group of teenagers who won a Nasa competition to put a time capsule in space have turned to Reddit's Movies community to decide what cultural output to send up to any alien life that may happen upon the capsule.

Redditors responded not with a film though but a TV series: Sir David Attenborough's BBC nature documentary Planet Earth.

"Sure it's not [about] the human race," the user who put it forward wrote, "but I can't think of a better representation of life on this planet."

The suggestion is currently by far the most upvoted, though the group compiling the capsule have yet to respond to it.

The Nasa award was apparently designed to "get as many people involved and learning about space as possible".

"The most upvoted movie will be stored on the satellite for free, as we want to represent the human race," the group said.

The space agency is covering the launch cost, but the group must cover the cost of maintaining the satellite, for which they have turned to Kickstarter.

Planet Earth is currently midway through its second series, which will also look at humanity's impact on Earth.