David Blaine: Beyond Magic: Watch Drake and Dave Chappelle lose their minds at frog regurgitating trick

As seen on David Blaine: Beyond Magic

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David Blane’s celebrity-packed new TV special debuted in the US earlier this week, debuting some new magic tricks from the famed magician. 

One of the show’s many highlights featured Drake and Dave Chappelle being blown away after Blaine somehow throws up three frogs.

What’s most impressive is how Blaine talks normally with the group for minutes, managed to regurgitate amphibians at will.

Just days before, Blaine appeared on Jimmy Fallon to promote the show - titled David Blaine: Beyond Magic - in which he did a similar trick, managed to throw up and frog and then eat it again.

Many have questioned how Blaine does the trick. The likely explanation is that the trickster is storing the frog within his stomach, the same way he stored water for his famous spouting trick.

During a separate documentary, Blaine explains how he came to be able to store water and kerosene within his body, which you can watch here. No doubt similar techniques were used for the frog trick.