Robert Downey Jr to develop Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror into feature film


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Robert Downey Jr wants to develop an episode of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror into a feature film.

Warner Bros has picked up the rights to the 2011 episode The Entire History of You from the first Black Mirror series, which will be produced by Downey Jr according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The Black Mirror episode was penned by Peep Show writer Jesse Armstrong, and is about a man with an implant that allows him to record and re-watch all of his life experiences. He becomes obsessed that his wife is having an affair and begins to search for evidence until their relationship falls apart.

The film version is set to alter slightly. It will be set in the future and will follow a man who reconstructs his relationship with his dead wife through technology, much like last night’s episode Be Right Back. Keeping to the script of The Entire History of You, the man uncovers a conspiracy in her past.

The first episode of Black Mirror aired last night. The two remaining episodes will be shown on Channel 4 at 10pm on 18 and 25 February.