The Apprentice 2014 preview: Alan Sugar's new crop of wannabes mark the show's tenth anniversary

The new crop of candidates must sell 10 years of products in a single day

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This year's group of would-be apprentices are a particularly special lot - because their attempts to impress Lord Alan Sugar mark the competition's 10th anniversary. 

A decade of The Apprentice calls for a monumental task and so the latest crop of 20 entrepreneurs are challenged to sell 10 years of products in just one day.

In tonight's opening episode, the candidates are sent to London's Leadenhall Market, where they are given products featured in different opening tasks over the last 10 years that they must now sell.

Two teams - boys versus girls, obviously - set off on a dash around the capital in search of buyers and a big profit.

Both groups choose traditionally uninspiring names, with the boys opting for Team Summit and the girls calling themselves Team Decadence.

Girls Team See Product - Embargoed to 00.01 14th October 2014.jpg
Team Decadence (the girls) catch sight of the items they will have to sell around London

“There’s no ‘I’ in team: famous saying - but there’s five in individual brilliance," says Daniel Lassman.

From coffee to sausages, to flowers and floaty fish balloons, the products are fairly basic, but the contestants do their best to add value.

Of course, that's where the fun begins. Viewers will get to see Daniel dressed up in a hotdog suit as the boys attempt to flog a Mexican version of their sausage haul.

Meanwhile, Sarah Dales attempts to sell cleaning products to ZSL London Zoo by penguin beach. Asked whether they are environmentally friendly she replies: "Well they are plastic, so obviously I wouldn’t want to see them near the penguins."

Felipe, Daniel, Solly, Scott and Robert at Supermarket - Embargoed to 00.01 14th October 2014.jpg
Felipe, Daniel, Solly, Scott and Robert of Team Summit at the supermarket

After all that, it remains to be seen how the individuals will fare in the boardroom. One thing is for sure though - someone will be hearing those famous words: "You're fired."

The Apprentice starts on Tuesday 14 October at 9pm on BBC One. Episode two airs the following evening, Wednesday 15 October, on BBC One.