The Big Bang Theory 200th episode: Every celebrity cameo, including Adam West and Sara Gilbert

Leonard’s ex-girlfriend Leslie Winkle hasn't appeared on the show in almost six seasons

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The Big Bang Theory is set to welcome back some very familiar faces for its landmark 200th episode.

Now running into its ninth series, the show is finally set to bring back Leonard’s ex-girlfriend Leslie Winkle, played by Sara Gilbert, who was once a show regular and last appeared in the finale of season three. 

Also reappearing on the show is Leonard's mother Beverly (played by Christine Baranski), rival scientist Barry Kripke (Ross Bowie) and, as always, Will Wheaton.

Best of all, Batman star Adam West will appear on the show, marking his first time on The Big Bang Theory

Over the years, numerous stars have cameoed on the show, including Stan Lee, George Takei, Stephen Hawking and Leonard Nimoy (as the voice of a spock toy). The episode will air on 25 February at 8pm on CBS.

Meanwhile, the cast of show are set to appear alongside the cast of Friends in a special on NBC paying tribute to director James Burrows.