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Unreported World - 7.35pm Channel 4

In South Africa, the market for body parts used in traditional medicine involves the killing of people. Ramita Ravai investigates these "Muti Murders" and talks to a "healer" who claims he has tortured and killed for the sake of his trade.

Have I Got News for You - 9pm BBC 1

Either the guest host, Fern Britton, is feeling masochistic, or she's hoping for a comedic exorcism of Gastric Band-gate. Ian Hislop and Paul Merton will no doubt bide their time before brandishing the satirical rosaries, as the consistently funny news quiz returns for its 18th year.

The American Future: a History, by Simon Schama - 9pm BBC2

Americans tend to be viewed as trigger-happy cowboys, but Simon Schama reveals a history of pacifism from Thomas Jefferson and Mark Twain to the veterans currently opposing the war in Iraq.

Ugly Betty - 9pm Channel 4

In a guest-star-heavy season finale, Lindsay Lohan plays Betty's high-school-bully nemesis and Naomi Campbell sends herself up.

Les Paul – Chasing Sound - 9pm BBC4

The still-gigging nonagenarian father of the electric guitar is profiled with the help of Jeff Beck, Steve Miller and B B King.

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross - 10.35pm BBC1

Ricky Gervais and Sarah Silverman , two comedians who score off politically correct sensibilities, are guests, so the host may have to up his game surrounded by wits sharper than his own. Oh well, there's always Gordon Ramsay making his umpteenth visit to this sofa.