Natasha Devon

Natasha Devon MBE is a writer, television pundit and founder of the Self Esteem Team.

We need to start treating obesity the same as anorexia

After I was diagnosed with anorexia-not-severe-enough-to-be-sectioned and put on a waiting list for ‘talking therapy’ by my GP, there followed a period of compulsive eating. What I found in my binges was another way to express my discontent

The sinister side of 'checking up' on your partner

This kind of controlling behaviour can isolate partners, and experts believe, lead to domestic abuse. From reading messages, to Geotagging, or recording conversations - do we need help finding boundaries in the digital age?

The body confidence crisis that is crippling our nation

Sixteen million people in the UK feel depressed because of how they look. One in five have avoided going for a job they wanted because of their body image, and one in four say it has held them back from a relationship. What is going on?

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Behold the mythical 'Anti-Feminist'!

As a result of feminism's sharp trendiness trajectory, the worst thing one can be accused of in 2013 is ‘misogyny’. But who are we really angry with?