American organization chooses the top green toys of 2010

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On November 19, independent guide to children's media the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio released its list of the "Top Green Toys for 2010."

The organization chose the top toys after testing by an America-wide network of reviewers. Though the organization is based in the United States, all of the toys listed in this year's green toy awards are available to buy online at, which provides international shipping. Previous year's Top Green Toy lists have received media coverage in newspapers such as the San Francisco Chronicle, online on sites such as Yahoo finance and in specialist magazines such as

The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio's Top Green Toys for 2010 list includes toys for toddlers such as the Plan Toys Baby Car ($14.95/ €10.95), My First Stacker by Green Toys ($13.99/€10.25) and the Wonderworld Flower Stacker ($25/€18.32). For slightly older children there are Wonder World Eco House ($140/€102.62) - a dollhouse that features a windmill and a solar panel built onto the house - and the natural wood building blocks Citiblocs ($24.99/€18.31). Green toys for more mature children included the Solar Weather Clock ($69.99/€51.29), the Solar Projection Clock ($89.99/€69.95) and the Haba Terra Kids Lantern ($35/€25.60).

Green toys are a growing trend; earlier in the year environmentally friendly children's toys were popular items at Autumn Fair in September in the UK. International toy retailer Toys R Us provides a list of eco-friendly toys which is available at and ethically produced goods are available from eBay subsidiary

A full list of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio's Top Green Toys for 2010 is available at