Computer monitors gain environmental credentials

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Growing consumer awareness of ecological issues has led to a growth in products using environmentally friendly technology such as LEDs. The latest development in this fast -expanding market is the launch of computer monitors with LED backlights which the manufacturers claim could reduce energy consumption by 25 percent.

It is estimated that widespread implementation of LED lighting solutions could reduce energy consumption by up to 25 percent and offset carbon emissions by 246 tons per year in the United States alone.

In response to consumer concerns, electronic goods manufacturer Fujitsu has released a series of power-saving computer monitors across Central Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The flat screen SL and L line monitors are backlit with LED (light emitting diodes) rather than the traditional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps), which the manufacturer claims is better for the environment.

In an August 3 press release by Fujitsu, UK, the company claim that LED backlighting consumes less power than CCFLs and reduces energy consumption rates by 46 percent, LED backlighting also removes environmentally harmful mercury from the manufacturing process. Additionally, Fujitsu claims the monitors are thinner and lighter than previous models allowing for a 25 percent reduction in raw materials, and a reduction of the carbon footprint produced by transporting the screens.

In an August 3 press release, UK product marketing manager Paul Craddock states "LED backlighting provides a rich viewing experience and has the lightest environmental footprint."

The L line and SL line of LED monitors from Fujitsu range from 19inch (48 cm), 20 inch (50 cm) displays to the widescreen 22 inch (56 cm) and 27 inch (68.5cm) versions; the premium SL22W-1 22" monitors retail for around €200 and the budget L series for around €115, though prices differ between retailer and region.  

Online computer retailer DELL also sell LED Flat Panel Monitors and on their website DELL claim that the 22 inch (56cm) G2210 which retails for €188 offers "minimal power consumption," is made with "environmentally preferable materials" and is also designed and packaged to help reduce the "environmental impact."