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This year's professional alternative energy exhibition and conference Solar Power International is available to follow online, allowing the public to gain insights into the photovoltaic industry.

Held in Los Angeles October 12-14, Solar Power International includes exhibitions in building integrated photovoltaics, energy services, meter production and consumer-oriented solar products. As the world's biggest manufacturer of solar power technology, Chinese companies have a large presence at this year's conference: for example, 11 of the 26 companies registered to exhibit consumer photovoltaic products come from China.

Those unable to attend the event or interested in following certain aspects of the conference as it unfolds can follow Solar International 2010 online through social media sites Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Much of the conference will also be broadcast and uploaded onto the Solar Power International site.

The real-world benefits of alternative energy such as solar power will be demonstrated as part of the One Tonne Life project beginning in January 2011. As part of the project an "average" family will attempt to lower their carbon footprint without changing their lifestyle.

Solar Power International 2010 can be followed online via:

Twitter: @SolarPwrIntl



Regular updates of Solar Power International are also broadcast on the exhibition's home page at:  

Information about the One Tonne Family can be found at