There's no business like snow leopards this Christmas


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If you've spotted lots of snow leopards, with their striking coats and big floofy tails, on your television recently, you're not alone. The World Wildlife Fund has been airing adverts for the big cats for a year, but has stepped up its campaign in time for the festive season.

Like dogs, snow leopards aren't just for Christmas. Unlike dogs, there are fewer than 3,000 snow leopards in the wild. You see, WWF isn't trying to flog real snow leopards on the box, but the care of them – you can adopt one, get progress reports, fund their protection and get a cuddly version for £3 to £10 a month. But why are they having such a moment right now?

WWF's Dylan Parkes says: "Big cats are the animals that people get most engaged with. The cuddly toy also makes adopting a snow leopard appealing as a Christmas present."

Dreaming of a white (and furry) Christmas? Get yourself a snow leopard.