Online competition to design logo for renewable energy

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Global environmental group Greenpeace has launched a competition to design a visual message supporting the use of renewable energy sources and opposing nuclear power, the winning design will be used ahead of the submission of the national energy concept by the German government in September.

Germany currently generates 16 percent of its electricity from renewable sources, is one of the biggest markets for renewable energy and the leading country in terms of photovoltaic power. If Germany continues focusing on the development of alternative energy sources by 2050 it is expected to become the first country in the world to rid itself of fossil fuels and generate 100 percent of its power from renewable sources.

In September 2010, Germany's federal government intends to submit a national energy concept which will outline Germany's policy on power generation for the coming decades; however there is concern amongst environmental groups that Germany will choose to focus more efforts on nuclear power as well as renewable energy - several scientists have also expressed doubts that the two sources can coexist equally.

Environmental group Greenpeace in partnership with creative talent contest website Jovoto have launched a global campaign to design a visual message to support the slogan "Renewable energy can cover 100% of our power requirements by 2050." The campaign, which runs until August 15, is open to internet users around the world and hopes to draw attention to the benefits of renewables and encourage people in Germany to express their opposition to nuclear power.

According to the brief on Jovoto, the design must meet certain requirements; it must contain the Greenpeace logo, be simple, positive, forward-looking, likeable, bold and funny. The designer of the winning visual message will win €1000, €500 will go to second place and €250 to third.

According to the Nuclear Energy Institute in 2009, a total of 16 countries relied on nuclear energy to supply at least one quarter of their electricity. The five countries generating the largest percentage of their electricity from nuclear power were France, Slovakia, Belgium, Ukraine and Armenia. Germany was not included on the list of the top 12 generators of nuclear power.

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