Where to get bargain green goods online?

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Though the majority of consumers consider the "sustainable aspects of shopping," most are put off by the price - however several dedicated ethical websites could provide online eco bargains to change that attitude.

A survey released October 13 by market Intelligence group Havas Media revealed consumer perceptions of sustainable brands.

The survey, which covered 30,000 people across four continents and nine markets, found that the majority of people are cynical about sustainable or environmentally friendly claims made by brands, and, whilst 86 percent of shoppers claim to, at least occasionally, "consider sustainable aspects of shopping," many people are concerned about the inflated prices of sustainable goods. The price, or perceived price, of sustainable products was found to be the biggest barrier to responsible consumption across European and North American markets such as the UK, Germany, France and the US.

However a number of dedicated websites have begun offering ethical consumers bargain online deals.

Perhaps one of the biggest sustainable online shopping sites among the many is eBay subsidiary World of Good. The website ships internationally and stocks ethically sourced and sustainable products in categories such as Jewelry and Home & Garden for a wide range of prices. World of Good also hosts regular sales; as part of Fair Trade Month the site is currently offering 30 percent off clothes from Indigenous Designs.

Ethical Superstore.com also sells a wide variety of sustainable and environmentally friendly products; the store also has regular special offers such as discounts on fair trade dresses from Nomads. Ethical Superstore.com ships throughout Europe and the United States.

Ethical Ocean, which ships to Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, allows users to sort by product category and by "ethics"; for example, finding product matches for "animal-friendly shoes."

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