FA says goal-line technology could be in place by next season


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Goal-line technology could be used as early as next season in the Premier League, according to the Football Association. The general secretary of the FA, Alex Horne, says the laws governing football are likely to change if one or more of the systems currently being tested works.

"Goal-line technology would be a huge boost for the game," he said. "For years, we've thought this was a good addition to referees' armoury."

Nine systems are currently under review by an independent testing authority employed by Fifa, football's world governing body. A final decision is set to be made next July. Horne recently indicated he believed the 2012-13 season would come too soon to see goal-line technology adopted. But his comments now indicate that a fundamental change could be implemented by the start of next season.

"It's possible we could see [goal-line technology] in the Premier League as early as 2012-13," he said. "It's easy to make mistakes and we've all seen examples where the referee and assistant referee can't see if a ball has crossed the line or not. We need to support them in decision-making."

Horne's stance was backed by the Liverpool manager, Kenny Dalglish, and Bolton Wanderers' Owen Coyle. "I think anything that can help get the proper decision being made is going to be very well received," said Dalglish, who added that the technology might not be needed that often but said it would be "very important" nonetheless.

Coyle said he was fully behind the introduction of new technology. "We have the best game in world, but the one thing I'd do to improve the game, if I could, is goal-line technology," he said. "We accept it's a difficult job refereeing and there's human error. But if there's a foolproof system, I'm all for bringing it in."