i Editor's Letter: Gardening tips


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Ah, how good did it feel to have a little sun on our backs at the weekend, albeit feeble and watery? Did you, like me, immediately rush out and start cutting, pruning, trimming and sweeping, endlessly sweeping?

Not just my tiny garden mind you, but Ma's more challenging beast, with its mole-ravaged lawn. If a thief cut across the back I think we'd have to bar any chasing WPC for fear of a future lawsuit. Got any tips for getting rid of moles and flattening the lawn that don't involve setting traps or lots of £££?

As I'm not sure how long I will continue to have the privilege of using these 300 words as I wish (yes, only 300!) or if the new ed will keep me on, I may as well seek your help while I've got you. I need to put a little colour in my north-facing plot, but don't have much room, especially any unshaded? Help? It strikes me that knowledge about "gardening", such as I do it, has probably seeped into me less than anything else I have done consistently all my adult life. I arguably know no more about it now than I did 20 years ago. What other walk of life could I say that about? Parenting? Ha, very funny!

Where is i's much-missed former executive editor Victoria Summerley when we need her? I'll tell you where, creating a fabulous new garden from scratch in her new Cotswolds home - and good luck to you Vicky.

Who will tell me now if I should plant my flowers and herbs yet, re-seed the lawn, how much to hack back my olive trees by and the difference between bamboo root and the undersoil outdoor electric light cable that I severed in my enthusiasm. Oh dear. Yes, I really am that bad!