i Editor's Letter: Give the man a chance


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Roy Hodgson is that rare beast in modern-day sport: a modest bloke. He is also a decent man, and more importantly (despite Liverpool FC fans' bile) a talented coach with a CV that has – uniquely for the England boss – international experience. You try getting the Swiss to third in the world rankings. Actually, you try getting England to third!

As you would expect of a Croydon-born man, he is a cultured, studious polyglot held in high esteem around the football world — bar Anfield and Britain's red-tops. And, as he made abundantly clear yesterday, there can't have been anyone prouder to have been appointed England boss – which, never mind the salary, brings with it a unique world of grief.

That grief began before he was even confirmed in the role. In i and elsewhere, pundits including our own James Lawton took the FA to task for not picking Mr Redknapp, and for their "poor" treatment of said Harry. I don't agree. The FA have previously proven themselves not capable of organising a p***-up in a brewery, but not this time.

They said they would prefer an Englishman, would conduct a search in private, and would decide at the back end of the season. All of which they did. Then they approached their first-choice man, and he said yes.

So, as a proud Fulham FC season ticket holder (though still a LUFC fan), who enjoyed the rescue from imminent relegation, the return of decent football, the rise to seventh and the Europa League fantasy, I'd say "Woy Woy Woy" deserves his chance. He is the best candidate.

Let no one begrudge him the job. What does it serve anyone in England (Scots, Irish and Welsh can pile in as much as you like) not to offer him anything other than our full support? Ignore manufactured outrage, and give the man a chance.