i Editor's Letter: Onwards and upwards


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So Stefano has moved on to TV land, having set the perfect course for i. I’m sure everyone would  like to join me in thanking him for his contribution to creating Britain’s only growing national newspaper – he is a very difficult act to follow. I can assure you that rumours he has moved on just to avoid having to work on bank holidays are not entirely true.

But, before you all pine for the old times, just because he is no longer among our ranks it does not mean your beloved paper is suddenly going to reinvent itself. I’m afraid I don’t have an Italian mama, but I have worked alongside Stefano since i’s launch in October 2010, helping him shape it and grow it to what it is today, so know what you all like (and, more to the point, don’t like). While I’m in this slot I won’t pretend I’ll try to agree with all of you, but will try to challenge your opinions.

Most importantly, I will continue to listen – whether on email, Twitter or Facebook. If you bump into me out and about, like Mena did at a wedding I was at on Saturday (incidentally, the best I’ve been to – except my own!), please let me know what you think – good or bad. I know you value the personal touch, but even if I don’t respond to everyone, your messages will be heard.

We are still humbled by people writing in who have just discovered the paper, so help us continue to grow and spread the word about our “i club”, and we will continue to produce a title you love. There may be a few tweaks here and there but you can be sure that, for now at least, most of it will be unchanged.

Stefano’s journey with us may have come to an end, but as a paper, we have only just departed.

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