i: Letter from the editor 14 January 2011

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Sunday night television usually means a bonnet drama for me. What time is it? Half past Cranford. But this Sunday, I’ll be tuned into Dancing on Ice, a programme I have been aware of, but have never actually watched. So I asked around the newsroom for further and better particulars about the show. “It’s Strictly on ice,” said one of our news editors. Beyond that, however, she wasn’t able to add much to my understanding. “It’s presented by Holly Willoughby and Phillip whatsisname, the bloke with the white hair, and it’s got the horrible judge that everyone hates, and a load of celebs you’ll never have heard of.” I’m not sure our television critic need worry just yet, but at least I have some idea what I’m letting myself in for.

Anyway, the purpose is not to watch the programme itself, but to monitor the advertising breaks, because Sunday night, in the middle of Dancing on Ice, sees the premiere on terrestrial television of the new advert for i. Regular readers of this column - I know, I know, most of them have been committed for psychological tests by now - will be aware that our own talent show resulted in an i reader appearing in the ad (look out for her on the Tube station escalator). There are one or two other faces you may recognise, and whether you like it or not, it sounds as if it is probably going to be better than Dancing on Ice.

In addition, we’re bringing in a number of improvements on Monday to enhance your enjoyment of i (you didn’t think it was possible, did you?). We aim to be sharper, cleverer and more entertaining, and we’ll be welcoming back one of Britain’s most outrageous - and funny - columnists, the irrepressible Cooper Brown. He’s been away for a while, but he’s back in the country, and he’ll be sharing his thoughts every day with i readers. Now there’s something to look forward to when you go back to work! Happy weekend!

Simon Kelner