Letter from the editor: i is a 'journalistic innovation'


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A quietly pleasing moment here at i yesterday when we were shortlisted for the “Hugh Cudlipp Award for outstanding poular journalism” at the upcoming Press Awards.

The judges cited i as “an example of journalistic innovation...a lively daily newspaper”.

Although it matters more that readers like us, and that our burgeoning circulation continues to...burgeon, it’s nice to be recognised by peers (especially those who want to kill us off).

Touch wood, our sales are still growing, and although we do get letters from readers who have given up The Daily Telegraph “after 48 years” or the Daily Mail “after 25 years”, most of you seem to be new newspaper readers or, even better, readers who had become disenchanted with dailies and have returned via i.

We do not take any of you for granted. In fact, we’re unusually receptive to constructive criticism (look out for a small change to the weather page next week).

But we all prefer praise, especially when accompanied by delightful gifts like the hand-knitted “mobile homes” for iPhones sent in by another new i reader Sarah Harris (the Guardian, 30 years).

I am afraid we probably can’t take her upon her knitting patterns suggestion, but I would like to say how impressed we all were with her beautiful handwriting. And then of course there was Sharman Finlay, of Ballyclare, who wrote “brilliant letter, yet again, from the Executive Editor”. Thank you, Sharman. It’s a warm note with which to sign off.

Simon, the editor-in-chief will be back in this slot on Monday – look out for the newly-tanned headshot.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend.