The News Matrix: Friday 24 May 2013


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Net migration  falls by third

Net migration into Britain has decreased by more than a third, official figures show. A net flow of 153,000 migrants arrived in the UK in the 12 months to the end of September last year, down from 242,000 in the same period a year earlier. The number of foreign students coming to Britain fell by 56,000, while the number of people arriving on family visas was down by 18,000. MORE

British Gas lobbyist is new energy adviser

David Cameron has appointed a former British Gas lobbyist to be his adviser on energy and climate change. Tara Singh will brief the PM as the Government works on the Energy Bill. An environmental campaigner said: “She is not a climate sceptic by any stretch of the imagination.”

Adults ‘need their own abuse helpline’

Adult victims of sexual abuse should have their own 24-hour, national helpline-service to offer crucial support, charities urged yesterday. The NSPCC and the National Association for People Abused in Childhood said the service would help prosecute paedophiles. MORE

‘Chicken’ Gove urged to restore grammars

Michael Gove is “chickening out” of bringing back grammar schools, a leading headteacher will claim in a prize-giving speech this weekend. Stephen Winkley, head of an independent school in Lancashire, will say selective schools improve poorer students’ chances. MORE

Obama pledges to  limit drone attacks

In a major foreign policy speech after two weeks of fending off domestic scandals President Barack Obama yesterday outlined plans to limit the use of US drone strikes against extremists abroad and took steps aimed at breaking a deadlock on closing Guantanamo Bay prison. MORE

C4 makes plans to make sweet music

Channel 4 hopes to fill the musical void left since the BBC axed Top Of The Pops in 2006 with two new shows. That Music Show is an hour-long quiz hosted by Nick Grimshaw. Smells Like Friday Night will star Rizzle Kicks, left.

Total of ‘neets’ at a record low level

The number of 16 to 18-year-olds  not in education, employment or training, known as “neets”, is at its  lowest level since comparable records began 12 years ago. There were 152,000 young neets in the  first quarter of this year, a fall of around 28,000 on the same period  in 2012.

Restaurant torched as rioting continues

Groups of youths have burnt down a restaurant, torched more than 30 cars and injured three police officers in a fourth night of riots in Stockholm. The disorder was sparked by a fatal police shooting on 13 May, in which officers killed a 69-year-old man wielding a knife in the north-western suburb of Husby. MORE

Bars accused of selling fake whisky

At least one bar in New Jersey has been caught mixing food-dye with rubbing alcohol and serving it as Scotch. Twenty-nine bars and restaurants in the state are accused of putting cheap booze in premium brand liquor bottles and selling it to patrons who thought they were buying the genuine article.

Google Street View maps Galapagos

Soon it will take only the click of a mouse to explore some of the Galapagos Islands’ most remote areas and unique creatures. Google sent hikers to the Galapagos with Street View gear called “trekkers”, 42lb computer backpacks with large cameras. Google hopes to post the footage this year.

U-turn over ban on jugs of olive oil

The European Commission has withdrawn a ban on restaurants serving olive oil in jugs or bowls following ridicule from consumers. Prime Minister David Cameron had accused the EU of meddling. EU Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolos said the ban was “not formulated to assemble support”.

Writer sets record for longest interview

A crime writer set the world record for the longest interview yesterday after chatting for more than 30 hours on an online broadcast. Hans Olav Lahlum, who rarely paused for more than a few seconds, discussed topics ranging from US presidents to his boos during the show, hosted by the online arm of Norwegian tabloid VG.

JFK ‘admired  Nazi Germany’

President John F Kennedy wrote openly about his admiration for Nazi Germany when he toured the country as a young man, according to a new book marking the 50th anniversary of his 1963 visit to West Berlin. The book suggests that in the late 1930s Kennedy, who was a student,  accepted Nazi race theories and approved of fascist rule. MORE