The News Matrix: Friday 25 November 2011


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Police to use drones during Olympics

Scotland Yard will deploy unmanned surveillance drones in London during next year's Olympics to provide extra "eyes in the sky". Sources tell i the Met has been in talks with the Civil Aviation Authority to see if they can be used in busy urban areas. MORE

Blinded lover seeks compensation

A woman blinded and disfigured in an acid attack by a spurned lover is suing Iran's judiciary after accusing senior officials of cheating her out of compensation when she agreed to spare her attacker from a similar fate. MORE

Drug trio jailed for a combined 44 years

Three men who ran Britain's biggest service industry for the illegal drugs trade have been jailed for a combined 44 years. Mastermind Jamie Dale from Rochdale, who received an 18-year sentence, imported cheap cutting agents from China and India to resell cocaine on the streets.

Army builds 7ft wall to curb street clashes

In a stark illustration of the divide that now separates Cairo's demonstrators from the Military Council, the army yesterday erected a 7ft-high breezeblock wall on a road off Tahrir Square, the scene of violence that has claimed dozens of lives this week. Troops manning another main road set up steel barriers and barbed wire, suggesting the military is intent on ending street clashes. MORE

Second babies fare well at home

For women having their second and third babies, home births are as safe as hospital, according to research by Oxford University. Scientists studied 65,000 low-risk women and found that there was a lower chance of a normal birth in hospital. MORE

Mother has wrong twin aborted

A mother who had one of her twin boys with a congenital heart defect aborted was left devastated after the healthy twin was injected by mistake. The Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne described it as "a distressing clinical accident". MORE

Count begins into civil war victims

Sri Lanka has begun conducting a count of how many civilians were slain at the end of its bloody civil war against Tamil Tiger separatists, to counter claims that tens of thousands were killed and to fend off international calls for a war crimes inquiry.

EU kicks up stink at UK's love of garlic

It's notorious as the food to avoid on a romantic dinner, but the UK consumes enough garlic to mean the Government has been landed with a £20m EU bill. The European Commission has ordered that the alleged unpaid duty on garlic imports must be paid within two months or the Government will face legal action.

Surf war erupts out of the water

Surfing the 30 foot swells of Hawaii's North Shore is no easy feat and one wrong move can send you to a watery grave. But from time to time, surfers also encounter serious danger on dry land. The arrival of tribes of energetic young surfers from Brazil has sparked something approaching a racial war. MORE

Spider-Man stars in Thanksgiving fun parade

A festive mood prevailed as the annual Thanksgiving parade made its way through the crowded streets of New York in sunshine. The parade featured 40 balloon creations, 27 floats, 800 clowns and 1,600 cheerleaders. Old favourites like Snoopy and Spider-Man were joined by an unusual creation from film-maker Tim Burton. MORE

Children happy to dodge own history

British schoolchildren know more about the history of the American Wild West than they do about their own country, Education Secretary Michael Gove said yesterday. Of the students who take the popular "schools history project" for GCSE, most opt to learn about America and Germany rather than Britain. MORE